Astarte Inspiration

Astarte Inspiration

The Spiritual Password - NEW BOOK OUT ON HAY HOUSE UK - published January 6, 2014

Activate the key to live the life you truly deserve
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Astarte Inspiration is for you who want to reclaim your birthright as an enlightened spiritual being. Besides writing books where you can learn spiritual tools to help you be in touch with your true essence throughout the day, we also conduct workshops and give inspirational talks and seminars around the world. 

Our aim is to help our clients and students work with spiritual energy to acquire the spiritual tools and skills they need to rediscover their inner power and individual truth. We provide spiritual tools that can be used like a map and compass to find your way in life. 

Astarte Inspiration specializes in the angelic realm. Angels have the frequency of unconditional love and remind us to live our highest potential into the world. Angels are always around us at all times; we just need to open our hearts and minds so they can influence our daily lives. Our courses and seminars may get you a closer connection with the angels.